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Kim Robson wants to visit your workplace for a chat, a cup of tea and a biscuit!

Click here to see the photos and videos and click  here to invite her along to your workplace !

Here is some stuff about Kim...

Local Places I Love...

  • Guildford Spectrum Ice Rink - for the Guildford Flames
  • Cranleigh - I just loved the village so much I made it my home, its cool to ride around on my bike
  • Guildford Fire Station - for hanging out with my mates on Blue Watch!

Songs I Love...

  • Pink - Leave Me Alone (I'm Lonely), oh my goodness i jump around to this, i just LOVE it! I know all the words, and my friend Alex and I quote it to each other often!
  • Ronan Keating - I Love It When We Do, will always be my all time fave, reminds me of a great birthday one year!
  • Chesney Hawkes - The One and Only, how can you not love that? And he sang it to me once too!
  • Enrique Iglesias - Do You Know? It has great memories of a ping pong game with my friends

Movies I Love...

  • Field Of Dreams - If you build it he will come! What a line! I loved the movie and it introduced me to baseball
  • Ladder 49 - Its my favourite movie ever, its all about fire fighters and I cry every time i watch it!
  • Cars - Ka-Chow! Lightning McQueen rocks, but then Disney always get it right
  • Clueless - One of the best chick flicks of all time, my best mate and I can watch it over and over!

TV Shows I Love...

  • Friends - I own every single episode! Just a classic you can watch over and over
  • CSI - I like the whole forensics thing, CSI:NY is my fave cos I fancy Danny!
  • American Idol - the Americans do it so much better than we do!
  • Eastenders - Never miss it!

Lyrics I Love...

  • Cos when your hands are in mine, you set a fire that everyone can see, and it's burning away, every bad memory - Westlife - It's You
  • Go away, Give me a chance to miss you, Say goodbye, It'll make me want to kiss you - Pink - Leave me Alone
  • To locate the single men, I got on me a special radar And the fire department hotline in case I get in trouble later - Shakira - She Wolf

Celebs I Love...

  • The Red Arrows Display Team - loved them since I was a kid, and fortunate enough to have met them!
  • Anthony Hopkins - I'd love to meet him, I think he is very cool
  • Chesney Hawkes - proud to have his number in my mobile phone

My Favourite things...

  • Fire Engines
  • The Red Arrows
  • My Eddy Merckx road cycle


Jigsaw School

Kim is also patron of Jigsaw School - Dunsfold nr Cranleigh - the only school of its kind in Surrey and one of only around 10 in the whole of the UK.


You can also download Kim Robson onto your Tom Tom - click here for details.

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