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Visit the 1st Gear website

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What is the VIP Club?
The VIP Club is an exclusive mailing list. We normally send out a single newsletter at the end of the month containing news and information from Eagle Radio, and, of course, exclusive competitions that you won't find anywhere else on the radio station. 

How do I sign up?
You can register online any time you want.

I've signed up using the form, can I enter the competition straight away?
Yes. Just make sure you're logged in to our website and then come back to this page and click the link to the competition.

I signed up before for a previous competition, do I need to sign up again for the new one?
No. As long as you're still using the email address you used to sign up, just lookout for the newsletter at the end of the month or log in and use the link above.

I've changed email address, how can I make sure I get the next newsletter?
Just log in to our website and you can change your email address in the settings area.

Once I've joined, can I sign in to get any exclusive content?
Yes, sign in to the website and the revisit this page for links. If you try to access a link and you're not logged in, you will be prompted to do so.

Will you send me loads of emails?
No. We usually send out a single newsletter in the last week of the calendar month. Very occasionally, we might send an extra email giving you an early opportunity to take part in a radio station event. Past examples include a free, exclusive gigs and the chance to apply for free tickets for our Local Heroes Awards.

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