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Olympic Cycle Routes

Olympic cycling is coming to Surrey.

The county is getting two full Olympic events, the Road Race and the Time Trial in 2012, as well as a test event in 2011.

All three are set to attract huge attention from spectators and the media.

So, whether you want to make sure you get the best viewing spot or make sure your travel plans are not disrupted, you can find out all the route information you need right here.

And if you want to see the route in all its glory, watch the sped-up video below from Surrey County Council:

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Olympic Cycling Road Race


Mens Race: Saturday 28th July 2012

Womens Race: Sunday 29th July 2012

The Road Race is the first Olympic event to come to Surrey in 2012.

The event will start and finish at The Mall in central London and will take exactly the same route as the London-Surrey Cycle Classic.

Fans will get two chances to see cyclists competing for gold, with the mens race and the womens race taking place on different days.

The mens race is 240 kilometres, while the womens race is 140 kilometres.

Click below for a map, showing the route in detail.

Olympic Road Race Route Map (pdf)

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