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Hear you can listen to a selection of the work we've done with School, Colleges and Universities across Surrey and North East Hampshire.

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Eagle Extra - Salesian School: Salesian Show 1

The students talk about the Charity project the school is involved with.

eagle-extra-2015-08-25.mp3 (6.92 MB, 5:02)

Eagle Extra - Wey House School: Show 5: Top Tens

The students choose their favourite video games, football players and desserts.

eagle-extra-2015-08-25.mp3 (6.34 MB, 6:46)

Eagle Extra - Bishop David Brown School: Show 4: Party in the Park

The students tell us all about Party in the Park. A free event happening in Woking park on Saturday 7th July.

eagle-extra-2015-08-25.mp3 (12.25 MB, 8:47)

Eagle Extra - Hollywater School: Show 10 - Our Favourite Music

The group pick their favourite music for their final show...

eagle-extra-2015-08-25.mp3 (4.05 MB, 4:25)

Eagle Extra - Mayhill Junior School: Show 3: Flour Babies

The students tell us about the week they had to look after bags of flour to learn about parenting.

eagle-extra-2015-08-25.mp3 (12.28 MB, 8:50)

Eagle Extra - Woking College: Show 7 - Woking's Got Talent!

The students of Woking College showcase all their different talents!

eagle-extra-2015-08-25.mp3 (17.14 MB, 7:29)

Eagle Extra - Wellington Primary School: Operation Bodyguard Group 3

Group 3 report from Calais.

eagle-extra-2015-08-25.mp3 (1.39 MB, 1:30)

Eagle Extra - Guildford High School: Ad Challenge 3

The students of Guildford High School took part in a day where they had to create radio adverts. These are the ads produced by Form 8S.

eagle-extra-2015-08-25.mp3 (2.81 MB, 3:03)

Eagle Extra - Sixth Form College, Farnborough: Show 2 - Halloween

The group this week are using scare tactics in their Halloween special.

eagle-extra-2015-08-25.mp3 (18.67 MB, 13:30)

Eagle Extra - Bentley Primary School: Show 12 - Best Bits

The students tell us about all the best things at Bentley Primary!

eagle-extra-2015-08-25.mp3 (7.51 MB, 8:03)

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