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PG, Breakfast Bev and Morning Matt were back for another week of fun! They talk 'low battery anxiety' 'advice to get your children to tidy their rooms' and PG puts Adam and Morning Matt to the test with History key dates!!

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Tuesday 31st May 2016

Good morning all! This morning Fred and Morning Matt took the reins of the breakfast show while PG and Breakfast Bev had a well-deserved rest!

Today we were talking about things that make you middle class (although Fred said that term is outdated, and we should be calling it posh!). One of the signs of “poshness”, as reported in today’s papers, is what supermarket you shop at, and Fred said you can tell how posh the shoppers are by the cars in the car park. We also learnt from Fred that PG thinks he’s posh…or maybe he just thinks that people think he’s posh but doesn’t actually think he’s posh himself? Yep, that’s a bit of a brain-teaser!  

Fred talked about drinking and eating ‘posh’, and the boys also deduced that our very own Breakfast News Presenter Carol Musgrave is posh because she drinks fancy coffee – a ‘vanilla latte spruce-goose with added berry and skinny skadooberry’…or at least that’s what Fred calls it!! 

Finally, another way to tell if someone is posh is by their choice of words, such as ‘ergo’ and ‘thus’!

And thus, we move on to this morning’s competitions…

Today’s Mystery Voice was played by both Sharon in Ash and Peter in Aldershot. Today’s guesses were Philip Schofield and Nerys Hughes? Unfortunately both were wrong so the voice lives to see another day! The prize pack is absolutely MASSIVE now so it’s worth playing tomorrow, but make sure you check the wrong answer list here before you call.

The £1,000 Minute was played by Gillian from Aldershot who was very excited to be with us. Today’s specialist topic was cricket….and Gillian attended the Surrey County Show yesterday so she had all 10 answers in front of her!......but could Gillian match the answers to the correct questions?.....No! Unfortunately she was stumped on a few and ran out of time just before the last question. A good effort, but she was bowled out at the last minute (sorry, couldn’t resist!)

That’s all folks, but Morning Matt and Fred are back again tomorrow, and the fabulous Breakfast Bev is back with them!

Enjoy the rest of your day.

Academy Annie

Posted by Breakfast Show, on 31st May 2016, in The Peter Gordon Breakfast Show Blog.

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