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January 2012

Kim Robson's underwear

27th January 2012

Kim is proud of many things in her life, but this week it was all about the pants pride. 

So much so that she was showing them off in the office.

Kim Pants


Elizabeth Williams from the news department and Puppy Lola went to the best party ever a ‘Puppy Party’.  

Elizabeth Williams and her puppy Lola


I realised the other day that some people would have no idea what the Eagle Studio looks like, and so, Voile!



You know when someone posts a picture of your childhood years and you cringe,  the best thing to do is not send it to me so I can put it in my Blog,  Specs from the Love Crew hasn’t learnt this yet.  I love the dungaree skirt.

Nat at school

Back row, 3rd from right

Specs from the Love Crew

Specs today with out the Dungerskirt  

Being Burns Night this week PG and Bev were turned into their heros. 

The Crankies never looked so good.  We think Bev looks like Miranda Hart.

PG Bev - Crankies

Finally as we get ready for the weekend, Adam Morris and Kim Robson had an office dance off. 

The real winner was... anyone that didn’t see it.     

Adam Kim dance 1Adam Kim dance 2Adam Kim dance 3


Thats all this week,  have a top weekend.

Love from Wes




Posted by Wes at 1:45pm

The worst spectator sport ever!!

20th January 2012

It’s been an unusual week, I’m attempting to get fit, “That’s not that unusual” you may say.  It is if the only fitness advice you take is from a crazy Geordie.  Bev has given me some exercises to help with my back fat, the best one is the “Plank”. 

Wes doing the Plank fitness position  wes doing teh fitness move the plank

You have to stay like this for as long as you can, it really hurts. 

As with everything sporty, we had to make it into a competition, the ‘Plank Off’.


For better ways to get fit have a look at this.

It was joy on Wednesday when PG returned from his holiday.

PG  in his scarf PG  in his scarf  

Looking similar to a Persian Prince, or so he said.

Wes testing his breath

Bev was delighted to stop sharing the studio with a man who smelt of Garlic, following a night involving a lot of garlic bread I was ordered to go and buy parsley to get rid of the smell.


Tom and Katie  


Also had a really good chat with Tom and Katie from our album review podcast team about

my favourite album of 2011, have listen.

That's it for now catch you next week

Love from Wes

Posted by Wes at 2:06pm

Early Mornings and Dancing in the Office

13th January 2012

So after a full week of breakfast...  I'm very tired, very tired and the question that everyone always asks about breakfast is "what time do you get up?"

I can do better than answer that,  I took some piccies of my first hours of the day.


  Wes's Cat Gloria sleeping  04:00 - Gloria the cat is too tired to even look at me.


Wes brushing his teeth   04:12 - Early starts still need clean teeth!

a themos cup 04:16 - The elixir of life: Coffee 1 for the day.


car clock breakfast 04:21 - Note the time, the roads are all mine...


Antony Zahara with a cup of Coffee 05:10 - the first human contact of the day Mr Antony Zahara,

                            I use the word human loosely, know one is really that human at this hour!


Bev tired 05:15 - A tired Bev.

Sheets of paper with show prep on 05:55 - Prep for the show done, 

                                                              I know!?!  We actually think about what we say,  you'd never know.

Antony Zahara reading the News  06:00 - ...and away we go with the 6am headlines.


Also it was a big week for Kim Robson, who hosted the Community Matters End of Year Celebrations

Kim had to wear a dress!  Dress count for Kim over the last 10 years doubles to 2. 

Kim Robsons dress hung up


Bev and I were told by Olivia, the youngest member of our team, that we no longer know how to dance in the coolest ways.  Bev and I set about proving her wrong.

Wes Bev dancing Wes and Bev dancing Wes and Bev dancing

Suzi Smith our graphic designer and Stuart Provan were so moved that they decided to show what they had in the dance locker.

Suzi Smith Dancing stuart dancing

Olivia was impressed !!

Olivia and Stranger in xmas jumpers

I also carried on with the Marathon training, 9 miles - ouch!

I'm going to run for the Eagle Radio Trust - the pain may as well benefit someone.

I won't lie, I think I look like a robber when I run:

jogging wes

Have a great weekend and I'll catch you next week!

Love from Wes





Posted by Wes at 11:46am

A Lesson in breakdancing

6th January 2012

So here we go, the first week back after the Christmas Break 

After bragging on air that I used to be a breakdance star back in the day, Bev asked me to prove it:

I rest my case.


It was also a big week on breakfast when it came to prizes,  I gave away another £1000 on the £1000 minute.

Barry and Wes

Barry from finance was so pleased I made it £2000 in two weeks.

PG New year

Even though I am enjoying breakfast I really do think its best PG comes back soon ,  the Panto seems to be sending him a little .... well ... funny!

  Being the first week back it was also a week of showing off new xmas pressies.

wes mum knitted jumper

This was one of my favourites,  my Mum knitted it, not the thumb holes.


Katy B in running outfit

 I've also started my Marathon training,  getting ready for Berlin in September.  I'm not alone though Katy Butler from our Radio Rocks team is running the London Marathon in April.

Katy's dog nibble

 Katy is also the bearer of a the weirdest jogging injury ever - a dog gave her a knibble whilst on a training run.  They dont warn you about that in the running magaziines 

 Finally we have a new section on the website - "Health and Beauty". 

Bev appears on this where they review what she is wearing.

Bev Fashion

They gave her 4 out of 5,  she was not a happy bunny!


Catch you next week have a great weekend!


Love from Wes




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